Monday, November 5, 2018

Problems Associated with Selling Your Timeshare

Solutions To Your Timeshare Problem

Selling a timeshare is definitely more difficult than buying it – here are a few of the issues that you should be prepared for if you want to get rid of yours putting it out on the market:

  • Demand and supply – the supply of timeshares up for sale in much larger than the demand, even in the case of timeshares located in popular areas, so you should be prepared that it will probably take a while to find the right buyer;
  • Value and price – the market price of timeshares is currently very low, many people who have successfully sold theirs complain that they received only about 15% of the price they had paid for the timeshare. The situation is even worse for right-of-use type of properties that do not actually provide any ownership rights over the property;
  • There are lots of advertising scams – many companies promise to sell your timeshare quickly and for the price that you ask, but then they usually cannot keep their promise. Don’t trust companies that make unfounded promises – find some cheap and honest advertising channels, such as real estate websites, local printed or digital media, auction and retail websites, but do not place an add without fully understanding the conditions of using the resource.  Look to for more help in selling your timeshare.

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