Friday, October 26, 2018

How Many People Can Buy into The Same Timeshare?

Questions On Timeshares

Timeshare is a type of property ownership which divides the ownership among multiple people, each of whom is allowed to use the property for the amount of time stipulated in the timeshare contract.

Most typically, each owner is allowed to use to property for one week each year, so in theory, calculating with 52 weeks in a year, there can be maximum 52 individual owners to the same property if the property is used the year around. However, most timeshare properties are not fully booked – the properties located in geographic areas preferred for a specific season, such ski resorts or beach resorts in climate areas that get multiple seasons are most commonly used only in peak periods. Another reason why most timeshare properties have less than 52 owners is that the property management company needs time to take care of maintenance-related tasks, the properties need to be refurbished and renovated regularly and all that takes time that cannot be taken away from the owners. The company also needs time to get the entire property cleaned between the day when one owner leaves and the day when the next one arrives and the process also decreases the time that the property can be used by its owners.  Learn from others regarding the purchase of a timeshare at places such as, to avoid the same situations.


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